Potatoes + Airfryer = ❤️

okay not my best photo for sure but what a wonderful snack.  I may have mentioned we live the “Amish” way here (my definition – no AC)  so we try to make as little heat in the house as possible.  My husband hooked up my air fryer outside and off to work I went.  I love to google recipes and use as my imagination to tweak recipes.  My mother, a fabulous cook all her life, told me “cooking is imagination!”  Her amazing imagination and my inability to stop may have led to my life long weight problem – just sayin…

I found a recipe for making potatoes and using a little bit of oil.  One thing I have learned from Chef AJ and a host of others is that oil is a no go.  So… I cooked the potato with my potato express another recommendation from the great Chef AJ.  Carefully, cut into wedges added water instead of oil put smoked paprika and a bit of garlic then ‘fried’ them in the air fryer.  They were delicious.

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