Special Treat

A long time ago my husband added raisins, cinnamons and apples to oatmeal and would tell our children it was called “special treat.”  My children had “special treat” for many of breakfasts.  I would look at it and think to myself “meh!” and if  I was really hungry I would eat it.  I didn’t realize that my husband was “choosing health” for our children from a very young age.  My life changed on Mother’s Day 2016.  I had heard Dr. Fuhrman speak and started thinking I had to do something to change my quality of life.  In the same week a little package arrived in the mail with the caveat – do not open until Mother’s Day and open with daddy there, too!  I did my usual lonely mothers day routine.  You see both of my children live in great places but neither is less than 2,000 miles from me.  I returned home and opened my gift.  Inside it was a photo, well not actually a photo but a sonogram photo.  I was going to be a Nonni.  That photo sealed the deal.  I wanted to be healthy for myself,  and my family.  I also wanted to be able to keep up with any grandchild(ren) coming my way.  That day I made the commitment to be whole food plant based and “choose health!”

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